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Healing Buddy

Find Your Tribe, Connect for Hope, Rise-up Together! 

Our journey starts by helping those battling autoimmune diseases and their loved ones Rise Up through Holistic Healing

Dive into a supportive community, share and discover stories of triumph, harness holistic tools and your personal tracker to empower your path to wellness.
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1 in 10 

 suffer from an autoimmune condition

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are women


790 Million

people worldwide are suffering

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develop a second or third condition

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feel alone, misunderstood and hopeless

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We discovered Hope through Holistic Healing! 

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Discover BuddyRise, the ultimate companion in holistic healing for those affected by autoimmune conditions. Despite abundant research and inspiring stories, a knowledge gap persists in understanding lifestyle's impact on health. BuddyRise aims to fill this void, fostering community, sharing stories, and empowering individuals to Rise Up with holistic healing.


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Community Health Feed
Stay updated on news, research, and tips related to autoimmune challenges and holistic healing.
Chat-Groups & BuddyMatching
Anonymously explore illness-specific chat groups and If you resonate with someone’s story in one of our illness-specific chat groups, you can request to match with that Buddy for a one-on-one conversation.
BuddyRise Ambassadors 
Explore our ambassadors of Hope, Mind, Gut Health, and Body, guiding you on your journey with their personal recovery stories, experiences and expertise.
Holistic Healing Hub
Discover empowering tools that have been promoted by our ambassadors of hope and that we have tried ourselves and try out the tools you like to boost your wellbeing and get to know what works for YOU.
Scientific Research & Evidence 
Explore the Science Behind Holistic healing: Dive into our comprehensive repository where you can access academic and scientific research detailing the effects of lifestyle choices and holistic healing methods on autoimmune diseases.
Personal Health Tracker
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Coming Soon!

Track your moods, symptoms, spot healthy patterns, and make informed choices for a healthier and better you!
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Advocate for an approach that targets the root causes & bridge the gap in understanding the profound impact of lifestyle factors, including gut health, exercise, and mental well-being, on (autoimmune) diseases & empower individuals to Rise Up and adopt lifestyle changes that enhance their health, promoting proactive self-care and lasting wellness.

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Our aim for the BuddyRise community is to serve as living proof, demonstrating to the academic and medical communities the effectiveness of holistic health strategies. This not only validates our approach but also helps those diagnosed after us, fostering a future where holistic health is integral to disease management and prevention.




BuddyRise is an information resource and support platform that aims to provide helpful insights and guidance.


We curate living stories of proof, and suggest a range of approaches and therapies that are intended to complement, rather than replace, professional medical advice and treatment.


Our goal is to empower users with an abundance of information and real-life success stories in holistic healing, allowing them to explore a variety of options, and try every thing. 


At BuddyRise we prioritize informed choices under the guidance of your healthcare professional.

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