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BuddyRise is based on a very personal need

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BuddyRise emerged from the shared journey of two best friends: one diagnosed with multiple sclerosis seeking support, and the other, grappling to understand and support her amidst the challenges of chronic illness.

"Let's rise up with Holistic Healing!"

After my diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis, I was lucky enough to have an amazing support system that wanted to keep fighting and understand the root cause. By doing research, connecting with peers and scouring through a library of stories and tools, they eventually found incredible stories of HOPE. Living stories of proof that remission and recovery was possible. I was lucky enough to have this support and to find these incredible true stories that made me want to fight for myself and change my life to give it a chance. I am doing great today and I owe it all to them. 


To give the same chance to everyone affected by an autoimmune condition, we want to be the hub for hope, positivity, community, awareness, and helping each other Rise Up and kickstart our holistic healing journey all together !


Founder BuddyRise 

  • 28

"Let's rise up for each other"

Have you ever been in a situation where someone you care about received a tough diagnosis, and you found yourself at a loss for words?  Maybe you were afraid of saying the wrong thing, or you simply didn't know how to offer support. It happens to the best of us. I've been there too. 

I've experienced that knot in my stomach, that fear of not knowing how to be there for someone when they need it most.


But you know what? You're not alone in that feeling. And that's why BuddyRise isn't just about supporting those directly affected by illness; it's about being a lifeline for their loved ones too.


As someone who experienced this firsthand, I decided to make a career switch, learning how to build apps and bring our vision to life. Now, together, we're creating a platform where support, understanding, and hope flourish.


Co-founder BuddyRise 

  • 28
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