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A personal letter from me to you

Dear Buddy,

Same as most of you here, my life took an unexpected twist last year when I got the news that I had progressive multiple sclerosis. To say I was in complete shock, denial and I was angry at the world would be an understatement.


How could a 26-year-old be diagnosed with something like this? An 'Incurable' and 'disabling' illness that would profoundly change my life...


Despite the unwavering support of my partner, family and friends, I felt so lonely and misunderstood. Everyone was doing their best, but it was tough for them to truly comprehend the daily battles I was facing.


Then I finally realised I was not the only one. I tried the many groups that are already out there, but it was hard for me to talk about what I was feeling, I wanted to talk freely, and in a more safe space without putting my entire story out there. What I truly craved was a safe space where I could be someone else (I could be 'UnicornFriend') and share my story without everyone knowing it was me and I had one last hurdle to go through before seeking help. Most of all, I felt like I needed a close buddy – someone who'd willingly match with me and embark on a peer "Buddyship" where we could lean on each other when needed and make a real connection. 


I vividly recall a moment at my best friend's birthday party when I sensed the all-too-familiar MS fatigue creeping in, and it felt like a relapse was just around the corner. I couldn't talk to anyone. I did not want to ruin my friend's party or down the ambiance, so I left, hid and cried from utter fatigue in my car for an hour before I had the force to gather myself and go back in with a big smile. What I yearned for most was to connect with someone who knew precisely what it was like – someone who had experienced the same relapses, the tingling sensations in their hands and feet, the unrelenting dizziness, and MS Fatigue which I was going through at that moment. ​

In such situations, who can you confide in? You don't want to be that person who constantly brings up their illness or downplays the festive mood. It would be nothing short of a dream to have a peer I could instantly reach out to, someone who understands and is just a message away when those challenging moments hit.


​On top of the loneliness, a profound sense of hopelessness began to engulf me. According to my doctors, there seemed to be no explanation for the root cause of my illness but it could be potentially regressed through medication. Still, it was incurable and unpredictable as everyone felt it differently. For me this did not feel like a solution, I felt like my faith was set and I was bound to be ill and disabled over time. The best I could hope for was to slow the progression, but a cure was out of reach. Hopelessness doesn't even begin to describe what I felt.


Meanwhile, while I was going through heavy post-diagnosis depression and anxiety, my mom never gave up on me and took it upon herself to do the heavy lifting. She scoured the internet for months, found peers for me to connect with, called practitioners, and alternative healing experts, and most crucially, she discovered solace in other people’s alternative healing journey.

Did you ever hear of the Wahls Protocol? The Best Best Diet? the MS Hope Community? Leaky Gut? I did not either. 


"Dr.Terry Wahls was diagnosed with secondary progressive MS and confined to a tilt-recline wheelchair for four years, she then created a dietary protocol she designed specifically for her brain. After one year of complete lifestyle and dietary changes, she got out of the wheelchair and now rides her bike to work each day."


I felt like I could breathe again. Like there was hope for my future after all. ​


I wanted to share that knowledge with others and give them hope. Unfortunately, after talking to countless of peers fighting multiple sclerosis, none of them knew any of these alternative healing stories, or about the tools that could completely change the faith of their diagnosis. 


Suddenly, a light bulb appeared, we wanted to be that 'mum' to all others, create a connection community, and help people heal by giving them all the info they need to take on their healing journey alongside what conventional medicine prescribes. We want to spotlight amazing stories of proof from our ambassadors to spread their empowering stories and give hope, and give you all of the information and tools to give us a fighting chance.    

There are such incredible people out there who have been in remission and recovery by changing their lives. 


They gave me so much hope, and I am now doing the diet 100% and learning step by step to change my entire life.


Let's do this together cause I am still at the very beginning of my journey and eager to learn from my peers. 


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