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BuddyRise App 

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Coming soon!

As we've recently embarked on our journey, we're diligently crafting our first beta version set to launch in the coming months.


Take a sneak peek

Preview of the BuddyRise App Chats
Preview of the BuddyRise App Chats
Preview of the BuddyRise App Community Feed
Preview of the BuddyRise App Health Tracker
Preview of the BuddyRise App WeRise
Preview of the BuddyRise App Health Tracker
Preview of the BuddyRise App Welcome Page

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FAQ about our app

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We understand that your identity extends far beyond any health condition, and we respect the privacy and sensitivity required when sharing personal experiences. That's why our branding prominently features avatars, allowing you to maintain anonymity while connecting with others.

​Currently, while we search for the perfect partner to introduce an in-app avatar feature, you have the freedom to create your own on the web or upload any picture that represents you or resonates with your journey. This flexibility allows you to personalize your profile while maintaining privacy, fostering a space where stories can be shared openly and honestly.

To further enhance your experience, BuddyRise allows you to select a personal username, enabling you to engage anonymously with the community. When you decide to match with a Buddy, it is up to you to decide how much you want to share.

Why do we use Avatars? 

What is our Ambassador program?  

The BuddyRise Ambassador Program is a profound commitment to fostering hope and guidance for those facing autoimmune diseases within a nurturing and secure environment.


Our Ambassadors of Hope are not merely survivors; they stand as pillars of resilience, showcasing the transformative power of holistic lifestyle changes and inspiring others through their remarkable journeys. 

At BuddyRise, we bring together not only individuals who have successfully navigated autoimmune challenges but also seasoned experts across essential wellness domains (gut health, movement, mind and body) each a foundational pillar of a holistic healing journey.


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Our Vision: Paving the Way for Future Generations

At BuddyRise, our vision extends beyond immediate solutions. We are dedicated to setting a precedent for the future, ensuring that every individual embarking on a holistic healing journey can become a living testament to the profound impact lifestyle changes have on autoimmune conditions. Our greatest aspiration is that, in the next 5, 10, or 20 years, newly diagnosed individuals will be encouraged with the knowledge that lifestyle alterations can dramatically transform their wellness journeys and instill real change.

We aim to collaborate with medical and academic research organizations to validate and showcase the effectiveness of holistic approaches. Our community and personalized health trackers are at the forefront of demonstrating that the strategies we advocate are not just theoretical but have tangible, positive outcomes on health.

By integrating holistic practices with traditional medical treatments, we believe we can change the narrative around autoimmune care, emphasizing prevention, management, and holistic wellness as fundamental aspects of health care.


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